Called to the Bar in 2006


Practice Areas: Crime, Family & Inquests

  • Called to the Bar in 2006, having been Top Student on the Bar Vocational Course at the College of Law.

  • LLB(Hons.) from the University of Warwick in 2004 and LLM from King’s College London in 2005.

  • Recorder (Family Court)

  • Regularly instructed since April 2008 to prosecute and defend all types of case.

  • Experience of the full range of criminal offences as well as motoring offences, regulatory offences and confiscation proceedings.

  • Level 3 Prosecutor on the CPS General Crime List.

  • Level 3 Prosecutor on the CPS Specialist Fraud Panel.

  • Experience of appearing for public authorities in inquests.

  • Public Access qualified.

  • Pupil Supervisor

An indication of my recent work

  • R v AS and SB (2019) -Prosecution counsel in a case involving VAT fraud, tax fraud and money laundering.

  • R v GH and 8 others (2019) – Leading junior counsel for the Crown in a money laundering case involving multiple companies and several million pounds of cash being laundered.

  • R v AP (2019) – Prosecution counsel in a case involving fraud by an NHS employee.

  • R v RT (2019) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of section 18 GBH, assault and assaulting police officers.

  • R v RO and another (2018) – Prosecution counsel in a blackmail case. Press coverage.

  • R v AP (2018) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of assault by penetration. Press coverage.

  • R v RR (2018) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of multiple offences of arson and criminal damage. The defendant was unfit to plead and the case proceeded to a trial of whether he had done the acts.

  • R v SB (2018) – Counsel for the defendant in a multi-handed case of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

  • R v RW (2018) – Counsel for the defendant accused of arson with intent to endanger life.

  • R v GA, JA & DG (2018) – Prosecution counsel in an aggravated burglary case.

  • R v ST (2018) – Prosecution counsel in a dangerous dog case. Press coverage.

  • R v EF, SF & JS (2018) – Junior counsel for the Crown in a case involving conspiracies to cause explosion and steal by blowing up cash machines. Press coverage.

  • R v KS (2017) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of attempted murder. Press coverage.

  • R v DK (2017) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of section 18 GBH. The case involved responding to three hearsay applications made by the Crown on different bases. Press coverage. 

  • R v PS (2017) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of defrauding his bookmaker employer of around £100,000 takings on Fixed Odds Betting Machines.

  • R v MM (2017) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of sexually assaulting a man with a mental age of a young child

  • R v HM (2016) – Prosecution counsel in a VAT fraud by an accountant involving the use of multiple companies and multiple identities.

  • R v RF (2016) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of sexual offences against children (both recent and historic).

  • R v BF (2016) – Counsel for the defendant, accused of making indecent photographs of children. The case involved analysis of detailed technical information about how image files are created on mobile telephones.

  • R v NM & VO (2016) – Prosecution counsel in a matter of fraud upon the NHS by an employee and his partner.

  • R v KW (2015 & 2016) – Counsel for the defendant, accused (with a co-defendant) of attempted section 18 GBH, attempted ABH and possession of two offensive weapons. The case against KW was the subject of a successful application to dismiss involving both legal and evidential submissions.

  • R v JP (2015) - Counsel for the 15 year-old defendant in the Crown Court accused on endangering the safety of railway passengers by attempting to derail a high-speed train.

  • R v CQ & 14 others (2015) - Junior counsel for the prosecution against 15 defendants accused of conspiring to defraud the Department of Work and Pensions through fraudulent applications for crisis loans totalling in excess of £650,000.

  • R v MF (2015) - Counsel for the defendant, who had profound learning disabilities, accused of sexual activity with his 15 year old sister.

  • R v TD (2015) - Prosecution counsel in a fraud case in which the defendant, a carer, had withdrawn money from the bank account of a man in his 40s but who had a mental age of 5. Press coverage 

  • R v AS (2014 & 2015) - Counsel for the defendant, a third strike Class A drug dealer. Sentence successfully reduced to the minimum on appeal. Judgment 

  • R v SM (2014) - Defence counsel in a case of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Press coverage 

  • R v VA (2013) - Counsel for the defendant, who with another was accused of raping a stranger.

  • R v JS (2013) - Prosecution counsel in a case where the defendant had allegedly presented fraudulently obtained prescriptions for temazepam and diazepam. R v RK (2013) - Prosecuting the doctor who obtained and completed the fraudulently obtained prescriptions presented by JS.

  • R v AF (2011 and 2012) - Junior defence counsel in a kidnap, false imprisonment and blackmail case. Appeared in the Court of Appeal, without a leader, in a successful appeal against sentence. Judgment 

Recent Inquests Work

  • Inquest touching upon the death of IJ (2019) – counsel for a local authority in an inquest which involved detailed consideration of alleged faults by that local authority, another local authority, a care home, a GP and an NHS hospital.


 In his spare time Daniel is Group Scout Leader of the 1st Stanwell Scout Group.

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