About 2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings


2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings is a well-established set which was founded in 1988. Our Head of Chambers is Mr Mark Love and our Chief Clerk Mr Steve Lavell who together have been leading Chambers since 1999.


2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings has long been a common law set with a focus on Crime, Family, and Civil.  We are always keen to hear from those who would are considering a career at the bar and offer Mini Pupillages on a rolling basis.  There are no deadlines and applications are considered as and when they come in. We provide Mini Pupillages to those who are in their second year of University and beyond as a general rule.


Application Process


Our applications for mini pupillages are now open. If you are interested in applying for a mini pupillage, please send your CV and single page covering letter, both in PDF format, to


Your cover letter must also detail whether you prefer to undertake a criminal mini pupillage, a family mini pupillage or if you seek to do both.


Please address your email for the attention of our mini pupillage secretary, Tom Gilchrist.

Before your first day of Mini Pupillage


We appreciate that your first day can be a little nerve wracking, especially if this is your first Mini Pupillage.  To assist with allaying any concerns we would ask that you call into Chambers on the Friday before you start at 17:30 or thereabouts to allow the clerks to allocate you a case to follow.  They will also give you the details of the barrister you will be shadowing so that you can contact them to confirm meeting time and place.


In the event that you need to cancel or postpone your Mini Pupillage please do so by email with as much notice as possible.


Mini Pupillage FAQ


  1. What is the dress code? Business attire - a suit or equivalent;

  2. Are your mini-pupillages funded? No, they are unfunded;

  3. How long do the mini-pupillages last for? Usually they are 5 days long but can be shorter if you cannot commit for a full working week;

  4. Where will I go? You will be sent to courts within London unless you specify a preference for work outside of London (and we have appropriate cases outside of London for you to shadow);

  5. Is it assessed? No, they are not assessed;

  6. When should I apply? ​You do not need to have finished your degree yet but generally second year students and above will be given priority;

  7. Do I need to be studying Law? No, but you need to evidence an interest in coming to the Bar;

  8. How do I apply? Applications should be emailed to chambers at