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Called to the Bar in 1992

Practice Area: Family 

Deputy District Judge (Civil), August 2010

Pankaj (currently unregistered) is now focussing all his experience and skills on providing a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution known as Early Neutral Evaluation.


For many separating parties, the long wait for a court hearing can be very stressful and expensive.   Pankaj can bring all his experience to bear in conducting a “private FDR”, in which he will give both parties an indication of how he feels a case might be resolved were it to go to court.  While his indication will not be binding on the parties, it will provide a strong incentive to them both to reach settlement that day.   Pankaj’s chambers would be able to provide the necessary rooms.  The Private FDR would be conducted in one room, and each party would have a break-out room of their own (whether or not they are represented). He is also happy to travel to other venues or deal with the case remotely.


Pankaj has a wealth of experience of FDRs and final hearings going back many years.   He can deal with cases of very low value to those of high net worth.  He has experience of pensions, trusts, corporate structures, intervenors and property portfolios.  He has dealt with many cases involving parties from the sub-Continent.


Pankaj is well known at the Bar for being robust, realistic but highly approachable and is very anxious to ensure that parties’ costs do not spiral out of control, and that expectations are well managed.


Pankaj’s fees for a day (which includes pre-reading and preparation) are typically £3000 plus VAT but these are subject to further discussion with his clerk, Stephen Lavell.


Previous testimonials:


“Pankaj is my go to barrister. I can rely on Pankaj at every stage to support and nurture the case. He is adored by clients and it is easy to see why as he has a wonderful way of ensuring they understand their position and their options without bombarding them with confusing legal jargon. Clients feel like they are really listened to and that they can trust Pankaj to portray their case in absolutely the right way. He has a calm and measured presence that fills clients with confidence but maintains a professional wit that can instantly help them feel relaxed.


He draws on his vast experience to help his clients find the best possible solution to their case, a solution that will work long term. He is also able to identify any weaknesses in a case quickly and this is invaluable especially at the outset of a case. “


Solicitor, Brighton


“Pankaj’s impressive skill set combines intellectual rigour with pragmatic advice. His peerless advocacy, particularly in cross-examination, means that Pankaj’s instruction at any stage of proceedings is highly recommended.”


Solicitor, Kent

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