Called to the Bar in 2006

Practice Areas: Crime

Grade 4 Prosecutor

Patrick practices in all areas of criminal law, both defending and prosecuting. Patrick is a grade 4 approved advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service.


University of Sheffield – B/A History 2.1

College of Law – GDL Commendation

Manchester Metropolitan University – BVC Very Competent

Recent Court of Appeal Cases:

R v A (2016) – After being acquitted of all 8 counts on the indictment (see R v AA Kingston Crown Court below) client was fined for a Bail Act offence which arose out of him appearing late one day during his trial. A Criminal Courts Charge was imposed. It was successfully argued that the Criminal Courts Charge did not apply to Bail Act offences in the crown court. This resulted in the charge being quashed.

R v W (2015) – Successfully persuaded court that sentencing judge took too high a starting point when sentencing client for a series of robberies on buses.

Notable Criminal Prosecution Cases Include:

R v DP Maidstone Crown Court [2019] – Led by Philip Bennetts QC in a murder where the defendant was accused of stabbing the victim in a caravan park near Faversham. The defendant had killed twice before in Romania. The case involved a complex bad character application. It also involved organising eye witnesses from abroad made more difficult by a series of delays in the trial caused by the defendant. As prosecution junior I was required to present the CCTV evidence which was a significant part of the case against the defendant. See here 


R v DB Canterbury Crown Court [2019] – High risk domestic violence case in which the defendant who had assaulted a number of previous partners was accused of false imprisonment and ABH against his current partner. The victim turned completely hostile asserting that the initial allegations she had made were false. She had written prior to the trial starting that her initial allegations were untrue. However an application to treat her as a hostile witness was granted and she was cross examined on her original statements. The defendant was convicted and an extended sentence was imposed. See here

R V RR Maidstone Crown Court [2018] – Serious arson case where the defendant was found not fit to plead. A complex case based on strong circumstantial evidence. The defendant was sentenced to a restriction order in accordance with section 41 Mental Health Act 1983. See Here

Operation Splinter [2018] Croydon Crown Court – Leading junior for the prosecution in a Flying Squad case in which two defendants were convicted of conspiracy to cause explosions and conspiracy to steal after a six week trial. A further defendant had previously pleaded Guilty. This was a complex case in which the defendants blew up eight ATM machines across the South East of England stealing in excess of £150, 000. The case involved complex phone and cell site, ANPR and surveillance evidence. See here.


R v AA and others [2018] Basildon Crown Court – Three handed armed robbery involving knives in the home. The prosecution case, accepted by the jury, was this was a revenge attack following a video shared by the victim on social media.

Operation Croquet (2017) Maidstone and Woolwich Crown Court – Special crime division case involving the prosecution of members of the travelling community over two cases. The first case was a six handed, high value, car ringing case in which all the principal defendants pleaded Guilty. The second was a three handed conspiracy to supply around £30, 000 worth of amphetamine. The principal two defendants were convicted after trial.


R v AM and others (2017) Chelmsford Crown Court – Four handed s18 and violent disorder. See here


R v W (2016) Chelmsford Crown Court – Prosecution of defendant for a series of attempted robberies and robbery of Lloyd’s, Barclays and Ladbrokes. See here


R v D (2016) Kingston Crown Court – Led by Robin Griffiths in a 6 week trial resulting in the conviction of the defendant dubbed “London’s most dangerous woman” for a campaign of harassment. See here


R v A (2016) Reading Crown Court – Prosecuted defendant who took part in a series of staged “crash for cash” road traffic accident in order to defraud insurance companies.


R v M (2016) Oxford Crown Court – Successful prosecution of defendant who stabbed his pregnant partner. See here


R v R (2015) Woolwich Crown Court – Successful prosecution for sexual assault.


R v B (2015) Canterbury Crown Court – Successful prosecution of care home supervisor for abusing mentally ill patient. See here


R v S (2014) Portsmouth Crown Court – £150, 000 benefit fraud.


Notable Criminal Defence Cases Include:

R v GG [2019] Southwark Crown Court – The defendant was accused of robbing Geraldine Winner, married to the late Michael Winner. The defendant pleaded Guilty but there was a Newton Hearing which led to issues in relation to the value of the expensive items taken. The key issue was whether the defendant  was armed with a weapon, this point was resolved in the defendant’s favour. See here

R v NJ [2018] Maidstone Crown Court – The defendant was accused of repeatedly raping his step daughter over several years. Acquitted on all counts after trial.  See here

R v KB [2018] Reading Crown Court – The defendant was acquitted of manslaughter after trial following a late night incident in Windsor Town Centre. See here

R v DA (2017) Central Criminal Court – Lorry driver accused of causing the death of a cyclist by careless driving, acquitted after trial. See here

R v MA and others [2017] Inner London Crown Court – MA was accused of raping a 14 year old girl as well as forcing her to perform sexual acts on him and his friends. Acquitted on all counts after trial. See here


R v JB (2017) Snaresbrook Crown Court – Three week mortgage fraud trial involving cut throat defence. Co-defendant convicted unanimously of conspiracy to defraud. JB acquitted of conspiracy to defraud and although convicted by majority of the lesser offence of fraudulent trading he received a suspended sentence.


R v BDR and others (2016) Kingston Crown Court – 23 year old client of good character acquitted of attempted murder and three alternative counts after a 14 days trial.


R v AM and KH (2015) Woolwich Crown Court – Wounding with intent, acquitted after trial.


R v AA and TA (2015) Kingston Crown Court – 18 year old client was acquitted of all 8 counts of robbery or attempted robbery but still ended up in the Court of Appeal due to the Criminal Courts Charge – see above.


R v K (2015) Snaresbrook Crown Court – Witness intimidation, acquitted after trial.


R v S (2014) Northampton Crown Court – ABH, client accused of strangling a police officer, acquitted after trial which involved lengthy legal arguments about whether the police were acting in the execution of their duty.


R v E (2014) Aylesbury Crown Court – Producing cannabis, client linked to a large cannabis factory through tenancy agreements and forensic evidence. Crown offered no evidence at half time following extensive cross examination of police witnesses.


R v G (2013) Inner London Crown Court – Wounding with intent, acquitted after trial.


R v G (2012) Snaresbrook Crown Court – Affray, secured a suspended sentence without requirements for a client who absconded. Client was caught on CCTV repeatedly kicking the victim. The first trial in absence resulted in a hung jury. The retrial in absence resulted in the client being unanimously convicted in 20 minutes. However the Judge was then persuaded to impose the above when the client was sentenced in absence.


R v P (2012) Wood Green Crown Court – Violent disorder and burglary arising out of the widespread public disorder in Enfield in August 2011. Secured a suspended sentence for the client after trial.


R v H (2011) Maidstone Crown Court – Theft, prosecution offered no evidence after service of Defence Statement which highlighted a crucial flaw in the fingerprint evidence.



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