No evidence offered in Bigamy case defended by Charles Hannaford

This week the Crown offered no evidence in relation to a single count of Bigamy. The defendant had first appeared at Court in 2020, represented by Charles Hannaford (instructed by Duncan Lewis Solicitors).

The defendant had entered into two marriages in Pakistan whilst a national of that country. In addition to proving the validity of the marriages, the Crown had the burden of establishing that at the time of his second marriage the defendant had been “a subject of her majesty” (Section 57 OAPA).

Prior to arraignment the defence applied for dismissal but were unsuccessful. In the course of subsequent hearings, a different judge expressed an interest in the argument and directed that renewed legal arguments were to take place on the first day of trial warned for 2022.

At a PTR this week, having already acknowledged some difficulty in meeting the argument and expressing doubt that it was in the public interest to proceed, the Crown offered no evidence.

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