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2 Dr Johnson's Buildings regards its pupils as an integral part of the running and growth of chambers. We take the recruitment of pupils extremely seriously.
What is on offer? 

2 Dr Johnson's Buildings offers up to two 12-month funded pupillages each year.

Pupils will receive the minimum London Pupillage Award set by the Bar Standards Board. This comprises of a grant spread over the first six months and guaranteed earnings during the second six. 


Applications for tenancy are typically invited after the completion of 12-months pupillage. 

What can you expect from pupillage at 2 Dr Johnson's Buildings? 


In the first six months, pupils can expect to be supervised by up to two members of chambers who specialise in either crime or family law. 


First six pupils will also be invited to weekly advocacy sessions and receive ongoing feedback from their pupil supervisor.


Chambers has two pupil liaison officers, who are recent tenants that provide support to pupils in addition to their pupil supervisors. 


In the second six months, pupils can expect to receive instructions to appear in court on a daily basis. The work is likely to consist of criminal and family matters including briefs in the magistrates' courts, family courts and some matters in the crown court. 


Pupils who attain the requisite standard in pupillage will be offered tenancy. There is no quota and no limit on the number of pupils who may be offered tenancy in any given year. There is plenty of work in both crime and family. 2 Dr Johnson's creates an environment for pupils that is not competitive and we encourage pupils to spend time with their other pupil(s). 


What is the application process? 

Chambers follows the pupillage gateway timetable, but the application form will be available on this website. 

In assessing the suitability of applicants, there is a three-stage process: 

First, applicants are to complete an application form. Application forms are redacted before marking to remove any equality information completed and the name of the applicant. 

Second, successful applicants are invited to an interview, which takes the form of a short advocacy exercise.

The final round interview takes the form of an interview conducted by a panel of tenants, which will cover matters contained in the paper application as well as current legal affairs. 

The application form


The application form can be downloaded here

Applications will not be accepted before 4 January 2023. The application window closes on 8 February 2023 in line with the gateway timetable. Applications are to be submitted by email to

How can you find out more? 


Chambers regularly holds Q&A sessions by Zoom for those interested in a career at the Bar and for those interested in applying for pupillage. Keep an eye on our articles and news for the date of our next event. 


Prospective applicants can also contact Sophia Stapleton, secretary to the Pupillage Committee, by email at


Chambers also welcomes applications from prospective third-six pupils. For more information on how to apply, contact

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