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Call: 2018 (Middle Temple)

Practice area: Crime

CPS Level 2

Stacey-Lee is a criminal barrister in chambers.

Stacey-Lee accepts instructions from both the defence and prosecution. 

Stacey is a member of the pupillage committee in chambers.

To instruct Stacey, contact her clerks at or on 020 7936 2613.

Prior to joining the Bar, Stacey-lee worked at the Crown Prosecution Service for 17 years; 5 years as a Paralegal and the past 12 years as an Associate Prosecutor. Stacey-lee gained extensive experience of the prosecuting and utilises that knowledge in her defence practice.  


Since joining Chambers, Stacey-lee has developed a successful criminal practice which encompasses a wide range of criminal offences, both prosecuting and defending in the Magistrates Court, Youth Court and Crown Court. She is known for her thorough preparation and strong work ethic, as well as her emphatic attitude towards those appearing in Court. 


She acts in related criminal proceedings including application under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (SHPO) and Sexual Risk Orders (SRO). Stacey-lee also prosecutes for the Insolvency Service. 


Stacey-lee is an advocate for diversity at the Bar, having not come from a traditional background. She is often invited by various organisations to provide talks about her route to the Bar and she also participates in the Inspiring the Future Programme, providing talks to students about career choices and education routes. 


Stacey-lee is qualified to accept instructions under the Public Access Scheme.  


Cases of Note

R v FM (2022)

Instructed as junior counsel to prosecute an attempted murder at the Central Criminal Court. Led by Mr. Patrick Dennis. ( )


R v JAD (2022)

Successfully opposed the defence application to appeal a sentence of 6 years for possession with intent to supply class A drugs. This case introduced the use of algorithms to determine the weight of the drugs sold based on the county line phone evidence, even when drugs were not seized as part of the investigation. ( )


R v KY (2022)

Instructed to defence in a matter of controlling and coercive behaviour. Secured an acquittal following a submission of no case to answer.  

R v SR (2022) 

Instructed to defend in a domestic ABH. Case dismissed against SR following legal argument regarding no case to answer in relation to causation of the injuries.


R v BJ, AS, JC and SM (2022) 

Instructed to prosecute a 4 handed kidnaping case in which all defendants were sentenced to significant custodial sentences.


R v DS (2022) 

Defence counsel in a case concerning the historic sexual abuse of a child. Successfully argued for a suspended custodial sentence.


R v AN (2021)

Instructed to defend D1 in a multi-handed aggravated burglary. Successfully secured an acquittal for her client. 


R v KR (2021) 

Successfully argued for the exclusion of parts of the ABE and for the sole identification evidence based on wholesale breaches of PACE Code D. The prosecution thereafter offered no evidence in respect of offences of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. 


R v KB (2021)

Instructed to prosecute a spate of dwelling burglaries in which a weapon had been wielded. Secured a conviction. 


R v IH (2021)

Successfully argued against the terms of a SHPO which restricted the defendants access to leisure facilities. 


R v DJ and others (2020)

Secured mixed verdicts in a multi-handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs, which included an acquittal in relation to conspiracy to supply heroin. 

R v CC and others (2020)

Instructed to defend in a multi-handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Successfully challenged prosecution expert evidence suggesting category 1 offending.


R v MD (2020)

Instructed to defend offences of stalking in which the Crown served 290 pages of exhibits two days before the trial. Successfully argued for the exclusion of said exhibits resulting in the Crown offering no evidence against MD.


R v RN (2020)

Successfully argued against the imposition of a minimum mandatory sentence for possession of a knife and the activation of a suspended sentence order, on the basis that it would be unjust, securing instead a 3 year conditional discharge. 


R v SK (2020) 

Defence advocate case involving the importation of class A drugs. 


R v AR (2020)

Defence advocate in a case of failing to provide a specimen of blood in circumstances where he had a reasonable excuse, namely a well-established phobia of needles. The accused was acquitted. 

R v SR (2020)

Instructed to defend in an application to impose a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. Successfully argued against the suggested terms which restricted the respondents right to engage in sexual activity with a specific category of people and secured a reduction in the length of the order.


R v YS (2020)

Secured convictions in a two-handed ABH and affray where the Defendants had been in possession of various weapons, including a samurai sword. 


R v TM (2019) 

Successfully argued against disqualification in a case of speeding where the accused fell to be disqualified under the totting provisions. 

R v WH (2019)

Defence counsel in a case of false imprisonment, assault involving a vulnerable complainant, assaulting a police officer, assault and criminal damage. Obtained mixed verdicts, which included an acquittal for the assault against the police officer after it was successfully showed the officer had used excessive force against the accused. 

R v H (2019)

Defence counsel in a case involving possession of class B drugs in prison. After extensive mitigation, the sentencing court were persuaded to step outside their guidelines and imposed a Conditional Discharge for 12 months.

R v B (2019)

Prosecution counsel in a case of failing to provide a specimen. Successfully argued against an abuse of process argument which was made following the police failing to download and preserve the body worn footage which had recorded the incident.


R v B (2018)

Secured an acquittal for an individual accused of possession of a bladed article in circumstances where he did not know of the existence of the knife. 


R v E (2018)

Defence counsel in a case involving stalking. Following arguments regarding disclosure, the Crown offered no evidence against the defendant.


HHJ at Basildon Crown Court commented that he was ‘Very impressed with her professionalism and tenacity in pursing her client’s defence throughout this case’ (R v KR 2021)

'She was absolutely fantastic if a little scary!(R v MD 2020)


Excellent result which would not have been achieved had it not been for how well prepared Stacey was(R v SR 2020)


At what price justice? When less is not more



2021 – HJT Training - Public Access Qualification

2021 – Middle Temple - Vulnerable Witness Training 

2016-2018 – BPP Law School, Holborn – Bar professional Training Course.

Result – Outstanding

2014-2016 – BPP University, Waterloo – Graduate Diploma in Law.

Result – Commendation

2007 – CILEX - Youth Court Advocacy Certificate.

2001 – CILEX - Certificate in Criminal Prosecution.



Certificate of Honour (Middle Temple)

Harmsworth Scholarship (Middle Temple)

Blackstone’s Entrance Exhibition Award (Middle Temple)

Provost’s Award of Excellence

The Vice Chancellors Award, GDL Scholarship



CPS – Advocates Panel Grade 2

Criminal Bar Association

Honourable Society of Middle Temple

Middle Temple Young Barristers’ Association

Kent Bar Mess

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