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Call: 2010 (Middle Temple)

Practice Area: Crime

CPS Level 2

Tim is a criminal barrister in chambers. 

Tim acts for both the prosecution and the defence. 

Tim is a member of the pupillage committee in chambers. 

To instruct Tim, contact his clerks at or on 020 7936 2613.

Tim joined chambers in 2015 and was made a tenant in 2016. Before this, he worked for a number of criminal defence firms, as well as for the Financial Reporting Council. He has developed a solely criminal practice which sees him prosecute and defend trials in the Crown Court, and represent appellants in the Court of Appeal. Trials have included a broad range of offences including fraud, money laundering, s.18 assault, armed robbery, firearms offences, drugs supply and people-trafficking, as well as consequent confiscation proceedings.


Recent Cases of Note


-       R v A [2020] EWCA Crim 1801: secured an acquittal in the Court of Appeal after the deadline for arraignment for retrial passed:  Case appears in Archbold 2021 at 7-114;

-       R v A [2020] EWCA Crim 440: Court of Appeal quashed a conviction for possession of a firearm.  The Crown’s case relied heavily on a confession obtained from the defendant in interview when no appropriate adult was present;

-       R v P, Southwark Crown Court (2020): prosecuted a defendant who committed a six-figure fraud.  After a five-day trial, the defendant pleaded guilty after being cross-examined;

-       R v TI, Luton Crown Court (2019): secured an acquittal after successfully excluding DNA evidence on the basis that the scientific technique used did not produce sufficiently reliable results;

-       R v AH, Inner London Crown Court (2019): prosecuted protracted confiscation proceedings with a value over £1M involving complexities such as whether assets were held on trust by beneficiaries abroad.




Tim Sleigh Johnson did a sterling job and I would have no hesitation in using his services again.  Both Client and his family spoke very highly of him” -  defence solicitors after Tim secured an acquittal at the Crown Court.


An OIC described Tim’s cross-examination as “deeply impressive.”  


The Court of Appeal described his submissions which led to a successful appeal against conviction as “clear and well-presented.”


Legal Education

LLM (Commendation), City Law School (dissertation on admissibility of scientific evidence)

BVC (Very Competent), City Law School

GDL, College of Law




CPS Advocates Panel - Grade 2

Middle Temple

Chambers’ Pupillage Committee

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