Modern Thinking Approachable Criminal, Family & Civil Barristers

Since its birth in 1988, 2DRJ has evolved into a diverse set whilst retaining the same ethos and focus on providing excellent bespoke advocacy services.

Who We Are

At 2DRJ, we pride ourselves on being approachable, reliable and providing client specific and pragmatic advice.

Barristers at 2DRJ practise in a wide range of areas, with a predominant focus of Criminal and Family Law.

We are fortunate to have a number of members who sit as part-time judges in tribunals, the criminal and family courts.

2DRJ remains in the heart of the Temple, with a number of rooms available for conferences with clients who prefer to meet face to face. All our barristers can offer conferences remotely.


2DRJ is a friendly, approachable, and supportive set with a focus on criminal and family law.

2DRJ regards its pupils as an integral part of the running and growth of chambers. We therefore take the recruitment and training of pupils extremely seriously. Chambers continues to recruit pupils every year.

Chambers welcomes applications from prospective tenants and probationary tenants/third-six pupils on a rolling basis from both family and criminal practitioners

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